When Are Same-Day Implants A Possibility?

When Are Same-Day Implants A Possibility?

Most dental implant procedures can require multiple visits to the dentist whereas a same day dental implants are dental implants which can be inserted within the same day.

A Brief History Of Dental Implants

Dental implants were first successfully implanted in 1965 by Per-Ingvar Branemark, a Swedish orthopedic. Over time, the success rate of dental implants have drastically risen to 98 percent, and dental implants have undergone a series of improvements since its invention and first successful implantation.

Cone Beam CT Scans

While traditional dental x-rays help in determining the actual position of our teeth, they can be ineffective in a 3D perspective. Cone Beam CT scans help in effectively diagnosing the structure of the patient’s teeth, jaw, and sinus with an x-rotating around the head of the patient, creating multiple images referred to as views.

Implant Planning Software

Many periodontists uses an implant planning software which allows them to view 3D images of your jaw and teeth towards determining the precise location and angle of the dental implant to be inserted.

Bone Grafting

Many dentists recommends a bone grafting when a patient experiences a significant loss of bone in the jaw. This helps in improving the success rate of the dental implant, and people who have lost bone tissue are also eligible for same day dental implants.

Who Is Eligible

Most patients requiring dental implants are eligible for same-day dental implants. Dentist is able to use state of the art, non-intrusive methods for bone extraction and placing dental implants. This enables a faster recovery process and prevents a form of significant inflammation or bruising at the site of extraction.

However, your dentist can reserve the right to disqualify a patient from same day implants in case the patient requires to wait for regeneration of bone tissue or perform some additional treatments and procedures along with the dental implant.

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