The Importance of Regular Cleanings and Exams

The Importance of Regular Cleanings and Exams

Excellent oral hygiene has an impact not only on your smile but also on your overall health. There are several health conditions which are directly affected by the oral hygiene including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Dental health also has an impact on full-term pregnancy. The benefits of regular cleaning are preventing tooth decay, checking for gum disease, prevent tooth loss, whiten your smile, detect oral cancers, and maintain overall health.

What Is Included With A Cleaning & Exam At Bayside Advanced Dentistry?

Regular dental exam allows assessing and diagnosing issues with your dental health in early stage so that most effective treatment for the dental issue can save your teeth and gums. During the routine exam, the dentist in Rowlett, TX will clean the teeth and evaluate your oral health. Various x-rays and tests may be performed for assessing the current teeth bite and jaw. The dentist may also ask about your oral hygiene habits and guide you on how to maintain the dental health.

What Happens If You Skip Your Routine Dentist Appointments?

If you regularly miss your routine appointments, it will affect your overall health. Spotting the cavities in early stage will help in treating it before it worsens and you have no other option but to go for root canal. If the cavity is left untreated, it can lead to major tooth infection and in long run it may lead to tooth loss.

Plaque, Tartar, And Gum Disease

According to the dentist near Rowlett 75088 the bacteria in your mouth can be a leading cause of plaque, tartar, and gum diseases. The bacteria contribute not only to your dental health but your overall health. However, it’s important to keep these bacteria in check with help if dental healthcare professional as it is important for overall health.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Brad Boeke?

Dr. BRAD BOEKE is a renowned dentist in Rowlett, TX accredited by American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry. He offers most advanced techniques to her patients in cosmetic dentistry for resolving full range of dental issues.

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