Meet the Doctors

Dr. Brad Boeke

In business, almost everyone writes their own “bio,” but they refer to themselves in the third person because they want to make it appear that they’re so important that a team of researchers and journalists voluntarily contributed their talents in honor of this great person. While I’m sure that there is a long line of people dying to write about me, I’m certainly the best equipped for the job, so I’ll take care of it myself.

Dr. Monty Buck

There is only ONE Monty Buck, D.D.S., and he can be found at only ONE dental practice, which is Bayside Dental Rowlett! In the world of dentistry and specifically dental implants, the name Dr. Monty Buck is synonymous with advanced techniques and teaching.

Dr. Kim Freeman

Dr. Kim Freeman has been practicing dentistry for nearly thirty years after graduating from Baylor School of Dentistry.

Dr. Joel Karns

We are proud to announce the addition of Dr. Joel Karns to our practice at Bayside Dental Rowlett. Dr. Karns is passionate about dentistry. He works in our practice when he isn’t teaching at Baylor College of Dentistry, where he continues to teach.

Dr. Olga Jaquez

Dr. Jaquez (pronounced ‘Hackus’) recently joined us and, as an artist, brings a special touch to all the dentistry she performs! She’s worked in private practice since graduation in 2013, and in the process has had 2 children with her husband Clemente, a local architect.