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Dr. Brad Boeke

Dr. Brad Boeke

In business, almost everyone writes their own “bio,” but they refer to themselves in the third person because they want to make it appear that they’re so important that a team of researchers and journalists voluntarily contributed their talents in honor of this great person. While I’m sure that there is a long line of people dying to write about me, I’m certainly the best equipped for the job, so I’ll take care of it myself.

I’m a practicing dentist, so no one will be surprised to discover that I have a couple of college degrees. I got my B.S. degree back in 1978 when disco was still popular and gas was 63 cents a gallon. My DDS came right on schedule in 1982. I got both degrees from the University of Iowa, which is considered a “Public Ivy” for academic rigor and superstar faculty on par with Ivy League universities. My education gave me the expertise to practice, but not the ability to succeed; I had to learn that all on my own – with the help of a few well-paid friends along the way!

I moved right away to Garland, Texas because everything’s bigger in Texas and that suited my ambitions. Also, Garland is near Dallas and is a pretty good-sized city itself, but it has a low profile, and that suited my personality. I’ve been happy to call this home ever since.

Over the last 33 years I have been very successful in creating a practice full of raving-fan relationships, but my greatest achievement has been convincing my patients that going to the dentist doesn’t have to be boring or scary. The fact that my patients believe that dentistry is part of health care – not just mouth care – is a source of great personal pride.

My expertise in dentistry is second only to my philosophy. I believe that the mouth is a gateway to the health of the body and that the body is connected, through the mind, to the health of the families in my community. Therefore, I take responsibility for the total-body health of my patients and their families, for seeding their minds with helpful and interesting information, and for ensuring that people even outside of my patient base are exposed to the life-changing perspective that my message offers.

My obsession with staying on top of the latest advances in my profession has led to some interesting work as an expert witness in a number of legal cases in Houston and Dallas. My passionate commitment to the industry has also prompted invitations to speak at national events, and it is my pleasure to encourage, enlighten, and educate those who are open to the exciting message I share.

As part of my commitment to creating optimal health outcomes, I have reached out to the medical community and united them with dentists for an inter-professional collaboration where the greater good of the patient is served.

I have been married to my wonderful wife Carolyn for all the best years of my life. I have two adult sons, one teenage stepdaughter, and three grandsons. Life has been a wonderful adventure, but I have many more human relationships and successful outcomes to pursue. I fully intend to make the most of the universe of possibilities open to me.

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