4 Super Reasons Why You Should Wear a Custom Mouthguard While Playing Basketball

4 Super Reasons Why You Should Wear a Custom Mouthguard While Playing Basketball

Custom mouthguards are extremely important whether you play basketball or not. If you are a seasoned athlete, you know that mouth guards are a imperative part of your overall uniform. One of the key takeaways you’ll get from this particular article is that teeth are much more expensive than a mouth guard. Continue reading to find out for great reasons as to why wearing a custom mouth guard while playing sports is the best thing you can do for you and your health.

Teeth are More Expensive Than a Mouthguard

If you play a contact sport, the likelihood that you’ll take a hit, or ball to the face or mouth is extremely high. This then means that you are much more at risk of getting one of your teeth knocked out, maybe even more. Something to keep in mind is that the typical cost to replace the average tooth can be anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. While typical mouthguards start at $50, the decision is clear.

Power and Recovery

Studies have been conducted that indicate that a mouthguard can help you increase strength. By biting down on your mouth guard, you can achieve a heightened sense of strength. Other studies have also shown that wearing a custom mouthguard can increase your ability to recover at a faster and greater rate.

Design and Style

Custom mouthguards can give you the opportunity to express yourself and your personality. By choosing the colors and graphics that best reflects you and who you are, a custom mouthguard can be the most important part of your uniform.

Play Like The Pros

Just about  every single athlete nose and cherishes the importance of a mouthguard. Try taking a look and making observations when watching the next basketball game on TV.

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