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Welcome to a Dental Office so Caring,
You’ll Never Want to Leave

“How may I brighten your smile?” That’s the cheerful question you’ll hear every time you call our office. Smiles make the world go round, after all, and we are so pleased to be part of making them healthier, stronger, more confident – in short – brighter! It’s what we are here for!

Caring for All of You-
Smile, Body, and Spirit

There is more to making you smile than just tending to your teeth.

So shouldn’t all of you be cared for – smile, body, and spirit?

It’s the path to true well being.

You can count on us as the front line of your systemic health.
We generally see you more often than you see your other health care providers, and will let you know immediately if your mouth is a source of inflammation to the rest of you. We can also keep an eye out for signs of TMJ disorder, oral cancer, sleep apnea and all kinds of other health problems.

Coming to Brad Boeke, DDS for any treatment is easy when you are pampered and treated like an important guest.
Help yourself to a cup of coffee or tea in our reception room, snuggle up with a blanket and pillow while in the chair, and refresh yourself with a complimentary lip balm after your appointment.

One Practice -
All Your Care

We understand how busy you are, and that’s one of the reasons we offer everything your smile will ever need in one, wonderful place.

In fact, we have patients transfer their care to us because they are tired of going from office to office having their specialty dental needs met.